Gita Mukherjee


She has been a social activist in the coalfields of Jharkhand for the last forty years, and has played an instrumental role in the upliftment of women and children of the area. Her efforts have helped in materialising the needs and requirements of the women, and has contributed to the overall improvement of female well-being.


Swaguna Mukherjee


She started as an active volunteer and foot soldier of the renowned Non-Governmental Organisation NGO Aamra, an organisation which has rendered unparalleled support to patients across Bengal suffering from thalassemia. This organisation has worked under the leadership of the famed actor Mr.Mithun Chakrabarty and philanthropist Mr.Tushar Kanti Talukdar IPS,( Former Commissioner of Kolkata Police). With 20 years of experience as an social activist reaching out to the poor and destitutes, she has been steering Meghdutam Foundation and played a remarkable role in working relentlessly during this Covid-19 and Amphan in reaching out to people across Bengal with food , shelter , clothing , education and self-reliant for women in different fields.


Chhabi Chatterjee


For the last fifteen years, she has been the guiding force behind a team of women who have been relentlessly working for the upliftment and well-being of the marginalised sections of society in the Baranagar. They give special focus to the needs of women and children of the nearby slum areas in aspects such as hygiene, education, sanitation and cleanliness. She, along with her team of women, also run a school of fifty children of the nearby slum providing them with education, dress and meals . She also organizes blood donation camp , periodic health check up .


Mahima Mukherjee


She has played an active role as a student volunteering for various social service activities, and despite her little experience, has contributed significantly to the drives she has been a part of. She played a predominant role during our relief of Covid-19 and Amphan relief work looking after the procurement , packaging , distribution and planning in the entire period of crisis.


Jaydeep Mukherjee


He is the brain behind the initiative taken by Meghdutam Foundation. The idea for givinga structural framework to the efforts taken by the organisation, and spreading its wings across national and international borders, are all a result of his efforts on a day to day basis.

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